What Our Clients Say

What our Clients say about our investment and financial planning services

How do you find our staff?

“The staff are always friendly and very efficient. A good customer focused business depends on its back office & admin staff and at ASPL, nothing seems to be too much trouble”.
Mr H – Solihull


“They are, without exception, unfailingly courteous and efficient. Requests and enquiries are promptly dealt with”.
Dr M – Cheshire


“If calling in person or by 'phone, a friendly welcome is assured. The staff know their customer base and instant client recognition makes a welcome change from the service the larger financial institutions provide”.
Mr S - Bridgnorth


“ASPL staff are well trained and always recognise our names when we telephone. They deal promptly and efficiently with our requests, and provide information in a helpful and useful format. There is no hint of blocking calls requesting to speak to Adrian direct, and calls are promptly returned if information is not immediately to hand”.
Mr & Mrs P - Doncaster


“They are a credit to the organisation. It is an old cliché but a business really is only as good as it’s staff…. You have no problems”.
Mr H – Wales


“More than helpful – very approachable”.
Mrs G – Coventry


“Helpful & courteous”.
Mr P – Solihull


“Consistently friendly, helpful, prompt and respectful”.
Mr & Mrs F – Gloucestershire


“Always pleasant, always helpful. They sound the sort of people I would like to meet!”
Mr S – Gainsborough


“Unfailingly courteous and friendly”.
Mr S – Worcestershire


“Cheerful, helpful, efficient”.
Mr O - Warwickshire


“Without exception, always so easy to talk to, without complicated presentation, courteous and always helpful”.
Mr N – Birmingham


“Very polite, organised, thorough and helpful. Always willing to help and support”.
Mr W – Solihull


“Efficient, helpful, personal, friendly”.
Mr S – Solihull


What do you appreciate most about our Advice?

“Your honesty and impartiality. You are extremely knowledgeable about financial matters and products. We have a good relationship and you are friendly and easy to deal with”.
Mr & Mrs C – N Yorkshire


“Dedicated personal advice with the highest professional ability”.
Mr O – Shipston on Stour


“Expert advice on investment and pensions”.
Mr P - Solihull


“It is honest, comprehensive and sensitive to my personal circumstances”.
Mrs W – Worcestershire


“I feel that despite having a “model portfolio” you are prepared to take on board my comments and desires, even act on them even if you basically don’t agree with me”.
Mrs G – Coventry


“That you appreciate our requirements”.
Mr & Mrs H – Wetherby


“Reliable, up to date, well presented”.
Mr & Mrs F – Gloucestershire


“The confidence and assurance with which advice is given and which over the years has generally proved to be well founded”.
Mr S – Gainsborough


What is the most important aspect of our service to you?

“The regular, personal contact and the knowledge that you are dealing with a team who appreciate what customer service means, i.e. they always get back to you when they say they will!”
Mr S – Bridgnorth


“We have regular review meetings whereby we are kept informed on the position of our investments. The information provided is concise and easy to understand. The method of charging is fair and transparent and there are no separate bills to pay”.
Mr & Mrs C – N Yorkshire


“Comprehensive full overview of clients situation with regular updates and appropriate advice for short, medium and long term objectives. Consistently outperforms the average in investment returns”.
Mr O – Shipston on Stour


“Independence, impartiality, courtesy, personal, tailored, up to date”.
Mr & Mrs P – Doncaster


“The confidence that you are working in our best interests”.
Mr S – Worcestershire


“Total honesty, whatever the situation”.
Mr K – Yorkshire


“Adrian has a perceptive understanding of our financial situation, gives common-sense advice and is skilful in steering us in the direction he knows to be most suitable for us”.
Mr & Mrs S – Solihull


“Advice is up to date and presented in a form that is understandable”.
Mrs S – Leicestershire


“Over the years I have become reliable on your advice and have never had reason to even doubt that you are looking after my interest”.
Mr N – Birmingham


“Based on good, all round knowledge and experience”.
Mrs P – Birmingham


“Your advice seems to be tailored to our level of understanding of financial matters and the extent to which we wish to be hands-on or hands-off. You seem interested in aspects of our affairs that are outside your direct involvement”.
Mr & Mrs C – Solihull


“Clear advice explaining jargon, repeating if required, and accurate”.
Mr C – Solihull


“Options, firm recommendations but without any pressure, up to date on what is going on in the world of money”.
Mr S – Solihull


“The constant monitoring of a very volatile investment world”.
Mr H – Wales


“A feeling of personal contact”.
Mr & Mrs F – Gainsborough


“Personal contact. The fact that I feel I can phone at any time with requests for help!”.
Mrs G – Coventry


“Giving us confidence that our investments are being constantly monitored”.
Mr & Mrs H – Wetherby


Mrs S – Derbyshire


“Personal attention, regular meetings and updates, “reader friendly” reports”.
Mr & Mrs F – Gloucestershire


“The fact that I can feel confident that my particular requirements are being catered for”.
Mr S – Gainsborough


“Personal service given at all levels of contact. Calls and emails are always replied to promptly”.
Mr S – Worcestershire


“Keeping our savings performance on track”.
Mr O – Worcestershire


“Availability and consistent good advice that I can understand”.
Mr D – Derbyshire


“Your personal interest in us and the effort you have made to build and maintain a portfolio which best suits our needs. We value the way in which Adrian has developed a relationship of trust with us over the years and we have every confidence in his advice and expertise”.
Mr & Mrs S – Solihull


“Regular contact, valuations, knowledge of the market”.
Mr W – Gloucestershire


“The personal relations formed over the years with Adrian”.
Mrs H – Nottinghamshire


“Easy to contact you and that you come North for meetings”.
Mr B – Scunthorpe


“Peace of mind that our finances are in your careful hands”.
Mr & Mrs S – Cheshire


“Personal service. Always available for any queries or advice”.
Mrs S – Leicestershire


“Relieving me of doing follow up paperwork. I appreciate this more and more as one gets less active and time available becomes premium time to be spent on my own interests”.
Mr N – Birmingham


“Operating in conjunction with Standard Life Wrap seems to be a great simplification. At a very practical level you have helped us to develop a sensible attitude to our overall financial picture”.
Mr & Mrs C – Solihull


“Always being there to assist with advice and clarifications”.
Mr W – Solihull


“Financially times are not easy
Politicians require most gains
But there are still a few options
Pre-deciding to open ones veins

We’re forced to pay for Ireland
Greece, Portugal, Spain and our health
It is therefore no great surprise
This impacts on so-called “wealth”

One really needs sound investments
That actually make some returns
To counter both tax and inflation
Or money just withers and burns

You ought to try ASPL
Who are always leading the fame
I do – they’re very effective
And suggest that you do the same
Mr D - Chesterfield

Peace of mind that our finances are in your careful hands. Mr & Mrs S - Cheshire

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