Wolverhampton: Impartial Investment Advice

Wolverhampton: Impartial Investment Advice

John, a retired Accountant from the Midlands, and Jean had been regularly visited by an Equitable Life salesman, and had invested all their money (>£1 million) with this insurance company. When Equitable Life’s guaranteed annuity rate liabilities caused them to effectively collapse, John and Jean were left high and dry and urgently needed some impartial investment advice.

Their accountant asked if we could help, and we rearranged their finances and analysed each option in respect of their Equitable exposure, taking taxation, disinvestment penalties and the alternatives into account, before suggesting an action plan that was then executed in stages over the next few years.

Their portfolio is now in rude health, and we regularly review the portfolio performance, and any income or capital requirements.

NB. Whilst the Client names have been changed for Client privacy purposes, these case studies are actual ASPL Client case studies.

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