Bridgnorth: Insurance for You and Your Family

Bridgnorth: Insurance for You and Your Family

Nigel and Tina had been married for some years, and both had good careers and bright prospects.They had young children, and thought it was about time that they reviewed their finances with an Independent Financial Adviser.

They met with ASPL and discussed their family, careers and their hopes for the future.We recommended that their main priority should be to financially "protect" their family against long-term illness and catastrophe (i.e.premature death), and so a number of complimentary plans were set up.

These plans ensured that the family could repay their mortgage and other debts, and had at least sufficient funding to pay for their children's further education and maintenance, whilst also providing a high level of income for the surviving spouse.This meant that should either spouse suffer a so-called "critical" illness and/or die prematurely,then the remaining family would be well looked after and financially secure.

A few years passed, and out of the blue, Nigel contracted a terminal illness, and his health unfortunately deteriorated.He subsequently died leaving his children fatherless, and Tina, a widow. Of course,nothing could replace him in the family's minds, but he died safe in the knowledge that his family would be well provided for and that his wife did not need to worry about money after he'd gone.

NB. Whilst the Client names have been changed for Client privacy purposes, these case studies are actual ASPL Client case studies.

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