I'm Over 50 & Already Retired

I'm over 50 & already retired

"I am John and this is my wife, Pat.

I sold my small business a few years ago and Pat retired from teaching last year.

We have built up more than enough capital to live off comfortably, but are becoming increasingly concerned about how much Inheritance Tax our children will have to pay when we’re gone…..

I know there are ways of reducing the potential Inheritance Tax liability, but all the allowances seem overly complex and I would like to understand our Inheritance Tax position more fully.

I know ASPL can help."

Work is a distant memory, and you want to enjoy a fulfilling retirement.

You have probably already drawn on most/all of your pensions, and you are not sure whether or not you need to seek advice.However, you are aware of the radical pensions reforms announced in 2014, & wondered whether they will specifically affect you.

You have some cash in the bank and a few investments, but you don’t spend all your time monitoring and analysing them. Life’s too short!

You are also unsure as to how to find a “good” adviser, and don’t particularly want to ask people for their recommendation, as “money” is a private matter.

You think that you can probably earn more income, or give a little of your estate away to your family, but aren’t exactly sure how this all works. “Tax” can also be something you don’t want to spend too much time on.

We have many clients in a similar position, and it is likely that at least one of the services we offer to them, will also be attractive to you.So please call, email or write to us, for a no-fee, no-obligation conversation.

We believe we can help you. Click on the links below to find out more or use the buttons to get in touch. Thank you.

Our services

ASPL Wealth Management Service
Constructing, managing and reviewing your investments.

Estate Planning
Planning now can help ensure that your beneficiaries receive more of your wealth whilst making at least adequate provision for you and your spouse in future years.

Referral Service
We can introduce you to Accountants, Solicitors, Stockbrokers etc.

Protecting your Family / Business
Providing for your family or business in the event of death or illness.

Personal Tax Planning
Ensuring that your Assets are owned and arranged tax-efficiently.


Other Complementary Services

Online Valuation Service
Access to your portfolio valuation 24/7.

Valuation Service
Regular, comprehensive, portfolio and insurance valuations prepared.

“Remove the Hassle” Service
We can consolidate your investments and insurances, if appropriate, and reduce your paperwork and administration.

Second Opinion Service
You may have received Professional Advice that you would like a review of.

ASPL Administration Service
Contact our excellent support team with any Administrative queries.

ASPL Direct Service
For those Clients who require less personal attention, but access to all our Services.

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