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This weekend Adrian was featured in an article by Richard Evans in the personal finance section of The Telegraph which looked at whether £100,000 could produce enough additional retirement income, over and above the State Pension, to make ends meet. He was one of two specialist financial advisers asked how they would construct a balanced risk portfolio as an alternative to buying an annuity.

How to get by on a £100,000 pension pot

Could you have a decent standard of living in retirement with a £100,000 pension pot and the state pension? And, just as importantly, could those financial resources achieve a standard of living that didn't get eroded by inflation if your retirement lasted two or three decades?

Until recently, almost everyone in this position would have used the pension savings to buy an annuity. The only decision to make was choosing the exact type of annuity – either fixed or escalating, and either for you alone or for you and your spouse. But annuity rates have fallen so far that many people are desperate for an alternative.


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