Case Studies

Financial advice and wealth management case studies from ASPL clients

The following are examples of how we have worked with various clients to enhance one or more aspects of their overall financial planning.  Whilst the Client names have been changed for Client privacy purposes, these case studies are actual ASPL Client case studies.

Charlotte had inherited a sizeable fortune, and was considering emigrating, and purchasing a number of properties where her children lived, in Asia, Australia and London.

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Chris and his wife had been “advised” by a family friend for years, until his accountant suggested that they get a second opinion on their pensions.

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John, a retired Accountant from the Midlands, and Jean had been regularly visited by an Equitable Life salesman, and had invested all their money (>£1 million) with this insurance company.

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Jean was in her mid-60s, based in the Midlands and came to ASPL for advice on inheritance tax planning. She had just inherited £400,000 from her mother, and in addition to this, had just under £1 million of capital in her own name. Her main concern was inheritance tax.

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Four Directors of a PLC approached us as the Company Final Salary Scheme was about to go over to the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) as there were insufficient monies in the Scheme to maintain benefits.

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A firm of Chartered Accountants enhance their client offering by using ASPL on a referral basis to provide Investment and Retirement Planning Advice.

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Nigel and Tina had been married for some years, and both had good careers and bright prospects.They had young children, and their main priority was to financially "protect" their family against long-term illness and catastrophe.

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Simon had sold his company shares some years before and invested the proceeds, enabling him to give up work relatively young. He sought our advice, via his Accountant, who could see that there may be a better way of organising his affairs to reduce their overall tax bill.


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