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The ASPL Wrap Account can bring all your investments and pensions together, in one place.This simplifies and speeds up the reporting and management of your portfolio, which means we'll spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time dealing with you.It means that when you sit down with us,or go online, you can see the complete picture of your Portfolio, before making any decisions.

Tax efficiency

Under the ASPL Wrap Account, all the following tax “wrappers” are available:

  • (New) Individual Savings Account (NISAs & ex-PEPs)
  • Personal Portfolio (Unit Trust/OEICs)
  • Onshore Bond
  • Offshore Bond
  • Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

This means that by using one account we can access the most appropriate tax wrapper for savings and retirement and thereby structure each individual's portfolio tax efficiently.


We continue to research the evolving investment and retirement "Platform" marketplace to ensure that ASPL Wrap provides a cost effective home for your money,and where it doesn't, we can allocate monies "off platform" instead.

There is no cost for switching between funds and in most cases deals have been negotiated to give  a 0% entry cost. There are also further discounts for Wrap accounts of a certain size and/or linked to other Family Members' accounts.

HMRCs decision to tax investors on Fund Manager rebates resulted in a huge proliferation of "share classes" for the same underlying investment funds, as well as most platforms' investors facing an unexpected income tax liability during 2014/15. ASPL Wrap investors did not have to suffer any such liability.

At the time of writing (April 2014), the ASPL Wrap platform had:

(a) The broadest range of "discounted clean funds" announced by any platform, and

(b) The best "clean fund price" mutual funds available, so that our existing clients get the same      enhanced terms as our new ones.

Wrap can also hold Cash, as a bank account, which can be easily spread across your portfolio at the push of a button.

All this means that we maintain the freedom and control to ensure each individual meets their goals as we maintain a focused approach to maintaining the most effective and efficient investment mix for you.

Asset allocation and investment selection

Academic research* continues to support the importance of asset allocation. 91% of a portfolio's return is derived from where it is invested, rather than how much it costs.

An ASPL Wrap Account helps us to create a portfolio for you that has an effective combination of investment funds from various asset classes.

Dovetailing with our proven Investment Process, Wrap gives us access to more than 2000 funds and gives powerful options when constructing a portfolio.

Furthermore, when it comes to review time, we are able to take profits if necessary and rebalance a portfolio across funds and products to ensure it continues to meet an individual's ongoing needs.

The technology behind ASPL Wrap also means that we (and you) can have 24/7 access to your ASPL Portfolio, including valuations.

Comprehensive full overview of clients situation with regular updates and appropriate advice for short, medium and long term objectives. Consistently outperforms the average in investment returns. Mr O - Shipston on Stour

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